Recovery During the Pandemic

These uncertain times have created an environment of isolation, loneliness, anger, and a state of feeling overwhelmed for many. Being in early recovery these emotions may be the trigger for a breaking point. The lack of control over our environment can create a daily HALT experience. HALT is an acronym for Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, and Tiredness. These basic functions and emotions serve as a warning system for a potential relapse. Our busy lives and lack of control can feel overwhelming and we tend to distort our reality. The disconnection from self and things around us eventually leads to the same outcome- relapse.

So how do we change that?

As you bring awareness to your body notice the red flags. What feeling is triggering the urge to drink or use? What persistent thoughts continue to feed your self-sabotaging ideas? Notice what your body is telling you.

Also, pay attention to how you maintain healthy control. Focus on what has motivated you to initiate and to maintain your sobriety. Focus on your strengths and self-care habits which give you reasons to thrive.

Take a few moments daily to do a body scan and to ask yourself "How am I feeling? Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?" Bringing awareness to how you feel will help you to maintain a balanced body and mind.

If you need additional tools and support to maintain a healthy recovery, you can learn more about our outpatient individual treatment and recovery groups.

Sandra Knapp, MS, LPC
Mind Matters Therapy Services, LLC