Welcome to Mind Matters Therapy Services

We offer telehealth & in person treatment options 

We provide therapy for traumas, drug, alcohol, sex addiction, intimacy disorders, anxiety, and more.

Why Choose Mind Matters?

We are Specialists.

The field of mental health is heading towards specialization – just like the medical field has. We specialize in treating traumas, addictions, and anxiety related concerns. 

Advanced Training.

We are committed to ongoing training and advancement to continue to learn new cutting-edge treatment approaches and interventions. This all gets passed directly to you in the form of outstanding care.

Comprehensive Care.

Strength Focused.

We provide individual and group therapy. We value community connections and collaborate with physicians and other care providers to obtain the most effective results.
We believe in treatment that is interactive, open-minded, and focused on your strengths. We know that you already have the skills and strengths to cope with your mental health symptoms, we will help you identify and activate those strengths.