Thoughts and feelings are clouds

Next time you are outside, look up at the sky and notice the clouds. Notice the shapes and sizes, the colors, and the movement. Then bring your attention to your thoughts and feelings. Think of your thoughts and feelings as clouds you just observed in the sky.  Picture that you, your body, and your general being are like the open sky, which provides the space for clouds to form and pass by. As thoughts and feelings come up, put them on a cloud and watch the cloud float away. Allow your thoughts and feelings to come and go, just like clouds in the sky. No overthinking the process, no judgements, no rushing. Just being present.

Just like clouds are part of the sky, your thoughts and emotions are part of you. Clouds come in different shapes, sizes, and varying colors. Your thoughts and feelings do as well. Clouds only cover the sky as they pass by. No matter if the clouds are white, light, and fluffy, small with shades of blue, or cover the sky with a dark shade of grey…Behind these various clouds, the sky remains the same. Thoughts and emotions are not you, they pass through your body and you have a choice to keep them or to let them go. People and things around you can trigger certain thoughts and feelings, but you are in control of which thoughts and feelings you want to keep and which you let float by. Allow your body to experience different thoughts and feelings. Stay present. Then, let go and watch them float away.

Sandra Knapp, MS, LPC
Mind Matters Therapy Services, LLC