Walk & Talk Therapy

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Movement will propel you, physically and emotionally

Walk & Talk therapy is a simple approach that takes therapy beyond the four walls of an office and allows you to walk the path to healing. We walk together during sessions, while also processing your thoughts and feelings, addressing concerns, and finding solutions to problems that led you to treatment.  

Walk & Talk FAQ

Why should I choose Walk & Talk Therapy?

Walking has been linked to improved brain function, and enhanced physical and emotional health.

How does Walk & Talk work?

Walk & Talk is traditional therapy conducted outdoors while walking together.
 Exercise is a built in benefit of stimulating the mind and body connection. Walk & Talk therapy session is about you, your pace, and your comfort. 

What are the typical locations?

Living in the beautiful Lowcountry allows us the opportunity for diverse meeting locations. Usually, sessions will be held at the beach (Bradley or Burkes), Jarvis Creek Park, or at the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. 

What about my confidentiality?

 Naturally, others are used to seeing people walking and talking together. During our Walk & Talk sessions there is nothing overt that calls to attention or communicates to others that we are having a therapy session. We will review our confidentiality policy during our first meeting in the office.

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