Intimacy Disorders

Treatment for sex addiction & betrayal trauma.    

About: Intimacy disorders prevent us from being able to function in healthy relationships with others. Intimacy disorders typically present as behavioral addictions (love addiction-love avoidance, sex addiction, pornography addiction) and are typically deeply rooted in trauma. In a ‘perfect storm’, these behaviors quickly become compulsive and the individuals find themselves repeating destructive patterns with minimal conscious self-control. When behaviors associated with intimacy disorders become our primary coping mechanism, we find issues within current or prospective relationships, typically romantic relationships.

Intimacy Disorder Treatment: Intimacy disorders primarily affect relationships but they also pose risks for substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring issues. At Mind Matters Therapy Services, we can address intimacy disorders directly as well as the other co-occurring issues that exist or may arise. You will learn about your negative core beliefs that are usually the driving force behind your maladaptive interpersonal relationships and our therapists will help you learn effective coping skills that will allow you to break free from these imprisoning cycles.

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